Savely Krasovsky

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Kazan, Russia
+7 950 324 66 00
Work experience
Security analyst, pentester Sovcombank PJSC Jan 2021 – present
  • Currently working as penetration tester in the bank testing their external and internal information systems
  • Acting as an analyst to help developers develop secure apps
Golang software developer Sovcombank PJSC Jul 2018 – Jan 2021
  • Developed my own open source alternative to a popular UNIX utility named cntlm which uses Kerberos instead of NTLM. escobar has received a strong feedback from my colleagues and solved a long-standing problem: a lot of software doesn't even support basic proxy authorization, let alone Kerberos.
  • While working in the bank, I had a lot of experience with cryptography (e.g. one of my libraries I was able to publish on GitHub)
  • Had an interesting project which required to implement own library that used proprietary stateful binary protocol (with some reverse engineering)
  • Designed and wrote public APIs and various microservices (mostly HTTP)
  • Worked a lot with SQL (especially PostgeSQL)
  • Of course I used Docker and GiLab's CI/CD
Software developer freelancer Jan 2016 – Jul 2018
  • Mostly wrote messenger bots with various public API integrations (Telegram, Discord)
Computer science Kazan Aviation Institute Sep 2017 – Jun 2018
Theoretical physics Kazan Federal University Sep 2015 – Jun 2017
Physics and Mathematics Lyceum №177 Sep 2013 – Jun 2015
golang · linux · web · html · css · accessibility · javascript · network · nat · dns · virtualization · kvm · bash · reverse engineering · http · websocket · redis · crypto · windows · docker · sql · posgresql · arangodb · rethinkdb · mongodb · s3 · minio · git · postman · swagger · com · activex · webrtc · ice · kerberos
Russian Native
English Upper Intermediate
versatile · fast learner · erudite · perfectionist
Tech enthusiast, developer and security analyst from Russia passionate about open source, software simplicity and privacy. By the way, this site uses plain HTML/CSS, has no trackers and fully meets accessibility requirements.